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Sublingual Drops/Tinctures – Full Spectrum

Our exceptionally versatile full-spectrum drops can be taken sublingually or orally, and include a minimum of 50mg of CBD per mL (100mg/mL in our extra strength)! Available in the flavors Plain (earthy flavor) or Peppermint, and in two effects – Sativa (energizing) and Indica (sedating). Intended for systemic paininflammationanxiety and stress.

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Rx Remedies, Sublingual Drops, JustCBD, Sativa, Indica, 50mg/mL

Sublingual Drops/Tinctures – Isolate

Our ever popular sublingual drops are now available with 0% THC! Includes 50mg/mL of CBD-isolate (99% CBD, 0% THC) with our terpene blends of either Sativa (energizing) or Indica (sedating). Intended for systemic paininflammationanxiety and stress.

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Menstrual and Menopause Relief

Both our Menstrual and Menopause Relief sublingual drops, and Menstrual Relief topical are specially formulated for women. Each of our sublingual drops include 1000mg/10mL of full-spectrum CBD with our specially formulated terpene profiles and plant extracts to ease menstrual and menopausal symptoms. Our Menstrual Relief roll-on is a fantastic topical for abdominal cramping and back pain.

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Rx Remedies, Tablets, 30mg/tab, Focus, Calm, Power, Recovery

Tablets – Full Spectrum

Our highly anticipated full-spectrum tablets include 30mg per single tablet, and are available in the effects Power, Focus, Recovery, and Calm. Includes essential vitamins, therapeutic terpenes, and our proprietary herbal blend. Intended for systemic paininflammationanxiety, and stress.

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Topicals Regular Strength

Topicals – Regular Strength

Our extraordinarily effective topicals, formulated with 50mg of CBD per 1oz. container. Available in Wintergreen, Lavender, and Unscented. Intended for mild-to-moderate localized pain and inflammation.

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Topicals Professional Strength

Topicals – Professional Strength

All of the active ingredients found in our regular strength topicals, but with 6x the CBD (300mg/1oz. container). Intended for severe localized pain and inflammation. Available in our Sport – Warming (warming to the skin), and our Sport – Cooling (cooling to the skin).

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Healing Balm

Topicals – Healing Balm

Our highly moisturizing Healing Balm, formulated with 100mg of CBD per 1oz. container. Intended for severely inflamed, dry, or itchy skin. Perfect for soothing conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as mitigating inflammation (ex: puffy eyes).

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Rx Remedies, Lotion, 200mg/50mL

Topicals – Hydrating Lotion

Our hydrating lotion is our aloe-based formulation with 200mg of CBD per 50mL bottle. Intended for inflamed, dry or itchy skin. Perfect for soothing inflammation and pain caused by dermatitis.

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Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Our fast-absorbing Migraine Treatment is formulated with 100mg of CBD per 10mL bottle. Intended as a preventative before symptoms become severe, as well  soothing moderate-to-severe throbbing or pulsing around the face or neck.

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CBD Chewing Gum - Full Spectrum

Gum – Full Spectrum

Our easy-to-use chewing gum includes 10mg of CBD per piece, 4 pieces/40mg of CBD per pack. Available in the effects Recovery (Citrus), Focus (Mint), and Power (Wild Berry). Naturally flavored, and lightly sweetened with all-natural stevia. Intended for systemic paininflammationanxiety, and stress.

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Rx Remedies, Oral Drops for Cats and Dogs, CBD, Anxiety and Pain

Pet Products – Oral Drops

Our highly effective orals drops for dogs (500mg/10mL) and cats (250mg/10mL) are fantastic for easing anxietypain, and inflammation. Simply add to their favorite treat for effective, all-natural relief!

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Dog Treats

Pet Products – Dog Treats

Our USDA-grade, beef-based dog treats are available with 5mg of CBD per treat, available in our Joint Health or Calm&Composed formulations. A delicious treat to keep your pup healthy and happy!

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Heating & Cooling Gel Pack

Heating & Cooling Gel Pack

Our Heating & Cooling Gel Pack is fantastic for inflammation and pain. A perfect addition to any of our highly effective CBD topicals.

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