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Organic, Full-Spectrum CBD Topical for Severely Inflamed Joints and Muscles

Organic Professional Strength Topical in Warming – includes shea butter, full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), and 19 additional remedies for relieving localized pain and inflammation.

Concentrated active ingredients to ensure maximum absorption and superior relief.

Formulated by our board-certified toxicologist and pharmacologist. 

Severely Achy joints? Sore muscles? Look no further. Our Organic Professional Strength Topical in Warming includes highly concentrated, full-spectrum CBD with more active ingredients than any of our competitors. With 300mg of CBD per single ounce, plus terpenes, and plant compounds like camphor, menthol, and capsaicin — it’s no wonder this is our most popular topical. 100% plant-based and highly effective at relieving achy knees, back, neck, shoulders, and much more. Now available in our trial size (1/2oz), as well as 1oz and 3oz. Formulated with our uniquely warming effect.

*Note: This product is not intended for persons under the age of 12. Always wash your hands after applying. Do not apply to face. Keep away from eyes and mouth.

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Ingredients for Sport – Warming: Soybean oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera, proprietary terpene blend, cannabidiol (CBD), G. procumbens, M. arvensis, C. camphora, C. sempervirens, oleic acid (derived from olive oil), dimethyl sulfoxide (derived from wood pulp), E. globulus, capsicum.

How to Use

Organic, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, combined with terpenes and plant extracts in a shea butter-base creating a highly effective topical analgesic for combating severely achy or inflamed joints and muscles. Research shows CBD is more effective when all of the cannabinoids (to include THC), and all of the terpenes are present, which is why we use full-spectrum oil in nearly all of our products! We include additional terpenes to further enhance the benefits of CBD, but also to provide their own therapeutic effects.

Our proprietary blend of terpenes and plant extracts provide their own medicinal and anti-inflammatory benefits; some of which are known skin enhancers and skin penetrants, allowing for maximum absorption and efficacy of our active ingredients! Contains 19 proven remedies for targeting both inflammation and pain with 300mg of CBD per 1oz, and 900mg per 3oz. Available in an invigorating wintergreen scent in our Sport – Warming, which offers a warming sensation to the skin.

Research indicates that inflammation in the body and anxiety can manifest through multiple ailments and symptoms. Although CBD is an all-natural and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-anxiety, it is only one of the many all-natural, active ingredients that we include in our products (see full ingredients list for more information). We aren’t just creating CBD products. Instead, our staff toxicologist and pharmacologist is formulating the most effective, all-natural anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic products on the market today!

Note: Our professional strength topicals are not intended for persons under the age of 12. Always wash your hands after applying. Do not apply to face. Keep away from eyes and mouth.

Topicals - Organic Professional Strength in Warming

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1/2oz (300mg/oz)—150mg/0.5oz, 1oz (300mg/oz)—300mg/1oz, 3oz (300mg/oz)—900mg/3oz

3 reviews for Topicals – Organic Professional Strength in Warming

  1. Cyndy M

    I was extremely skeptical about using CBD, until I tried Rx Remedies. I have to say, their products worked incredibly well for me. Well beyond any of my expectations. Now the pain is gone, and I cannot believe it.

  2. Daniel

    I apply this to my knees before and after my work-out, and it really does help them from getting achy and sore. Awesome product!

  3. Marie and Walt

    The arthritis in my hands has been excruciating for years. Since I’ve been applying this to my hands in the morning and evening, I’ve had greater mobility and less pain. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked as well as this topical. It also helps my husbands knees – thank you so much!

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