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This really works to soothe my eczema In my hands. I ran out and could see the difference. I'm on my 3rd order. Only use once or twice a day and a small amount. It works!
Cheryl - avatar Cheryl

This product is very effective at treating my migraines. Highly recommend giving it a try.
LBC - avatar LBC

It worked Surprisingly well. Along with relief it’s scent is pleasant but not overpowering. I highly recommend it.
Bill Moran - avatar Bill Moran

My senior dog used to have a hard time getting in and out of the backseat of my car. He goes with me everywhere, and weighs over 50lbs, so getting him in and out was tough! Since I've had him on these treats, he's able to jump in and out on his own! It's been a lifesaver, thank you!
Hartman - avatar Hartman

My dogs have responded great to them, especially my 11 year old Rottie. He has arthritis in his elbows and it's almost completely non existent, and my other dog gets anxiety with any loud gun shot sounds or bands/fireworks and it's also helped tremendously with keeping her relaxed since we've been doing the treats. These are great!
Hannah - avatar Hannah

I give the drops to my pet pig that has arthritis. He struggled to get up and move around because of how bad the pain was. After just a few week’s taking them he is like a new pig!
Rachel - avatar Rachel

I have been using Wintergreen for the last two weeks. It has all but eliminated the joint pain I have experienced as a result of the side effects of taking aromatase inhibitor medication for breast cancer. Previously I was taking 6 otc pain relief pills a day without achieving anywhere near the level I have found with your product. I am so glad to have been lucky enough to try your product.
Anne - avatar Anne

Been using Wintergreen twice a day for 10 days on my hands, and I'm noticing significant pain and inflammation relief! My rheumatologist does not recommend NSAID-relievers due to the infusions used to treat my rheumatoid arthritis because they negatively effect my immune system. It has been a good alternative to the traditional pain management methods!
Donna - avatar Donna

I applied this to my leg, and after the first 20min went by, I noticed a difference. It took the pain right out of my hip. I can walk better, I feel better, and I appreciate the first time I used it, it did me a lot good. I noticed big time, so ya'll keep up the good work. Man, it's better than what the doctor gave me!
Mark - avatar Mark

I found that it is most helpful on my pinched nerve in my shoulder. I've had this issue since ~2015 and was triggered by stress, terrible posture, and long hours in front of a computer. I tried numerous things including acupuncture, massage, dry-needling, and PT to treat it. Some of that helped, but was unsustainable financially. I've found the salve to be a miracle worker on my shoulder---it kicks in almost immediately and it helps relax my shoulder after work. I've been putting it on after a bath and I've found that I am able to fall asleep faster and more easily.
Maggie - avatar Maggie

Both of my big toe knuckles have arthritic bone spurs, which cause pain with every step taken. My current options are to have bone spurs shaved down (but spurs/bone will grow back as big or bigger), or fusing the joint, which would eliminate ability to bend big toes and walk normally. I've been using the rubCBD - Sport for 10 days, 1-2x per day. I find there is almost immediate pain relief, but pain returns several hours later due to inflammation. After speaking to RxRemedies MD, I was informed that for longterm-relief, I need to use it no less than 2-3x per day, every single day. They were very helpful, and quick to respond to my question. I am hopeful for longterm relief from this daily pain, as my options mentioned above are not ideal.
Bill - avatar Bill

Has helped my anxiety and my skin. Would very much recommend you to try it
Jeff - avatar Jeff

Both my husband and I take the Indica and we are so happy to be off of medication for pain! My husband was on Lyrica for neuropathic foot pain, and by using CBD is off his meds! I take it for anxiety and am not on any meds anymore either. Can’t say enough good about it!!!!
Bev Ludwig - avatar Bev Ludwig

excellent product! works on my anxiety and also boosts my mood, productivity and energy!!! most favorite CBD product. I use 500mg 10ml Sativa.
Boris O Yurganov - avatar Boris O Yurganov

I recommend if you don’t like the taste of the plain jane, the peppermint is really nice! Your CBD has helped me with my issues that come along with Lyme disease.
Thank you!
BJ Becker - avatar BJ Becker