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Your products work wonders for painful joints and arthritis I’ve had in some of my knuckles. I play guitar! Best wishes, thanks.
Allen - avatar Allen

I started using this product when my left knee was hurting. Since I had thrombophebitis behind that knee I would not go to a doctor, afraid of what would happen if they suggested surgery. My knee is 100% okay and I do not have a problem. A month ago I slipped going down the steps, twisted the same knee, two weeks later, good as new. I absolutely love this stuff and give it as gifts and tell anyone who has issues.
Wanda Dallas - avatar Wanda Dallas

I have the hardest time getting my cat in his carrier for vet appointments, and he is so nervous during the car ride, he would usually make himself sick. Your Oral Drops for Cats calm him down so much that I can easily get him into his carrier, and he remains calm during the car ride and his exam! I recommended these to my friend with a newly adopted (and nervous) kitty, and they helped her too as she adjusted to her new home!
Racheal W. - avatar Racheal W.

I've been giving my Shiba Inu your drops for anxiety (he is deathly afraid of thunder), and it works like a charm. I also used it this past December when he had some inflammation in his digestive tract, and it was the only thing that kept him calm and comfortable, while we waited for his new diet to take affect. Your Oral Drops for Dogs has helped him so much! Thank you!
Laney P. - avatar Laney P.

I'm so thankful for your CBD products! They have been one of my few self-care joys left during quarantine, and I think they are saving our Teddy's life. I forgot to give him his Oral Drops for two days, and he had his second seizure (the first one since using your product in January). As soon as he began using your drops again, he's had zero problems...WOW
Katherine M. - avatar Katherine M.

My senior dog has been with me since he was a puppy, and goes with me everywhere. This last year, he's been having a lot of trouble getting up and sitting back down, as well as getting in and out of my car. The difference I've seen in his ability to walk, lay-down, and get back up has been incredible since using your Joint Health treats. You all suggested I add some extra CBD per treat with the Oral Drops for Dogs, and's been a while since he's felt this good. Thank you so much.
Paige R. - avatar Paige R.

I put this stuff on everything - back, knees, elbows, neck - awesome product, thanks!
Ryan C. - avatar Ryan C.

For years I've had pain in my right thumb and index finger knuckles. I apply your lavender topical every morning and every night, and it has helped so much (I also love the lavender scent).
Ann W. - avatar Ann W.

I wake-up achy just about every morning. I don't want to take Advil every day, so I've mostly just put up with it. I've been taking one of your tablets every night before bed, and man - what a difference. I don't know what you guys are doing over there, but keep it up!
Doug P. - avatar Doug P.

Pinched a nerve in my back over the weekend, and have been using these tablets with your professional strength balm. These last few days, both products have really helped loosen up my back. Great stuff, thanks.
Colleen S. - avatar Colleen S.

This sh*t works, I'll be back.
Dan P. - avatar Dan P.

I use these after every work-out to keep inflammation down. Works like a charm, thanks.
Lucas T. - avatar Lucas T.

"I love that you can smell the terpenes as soon as you open the bottle, so I know they're really in there. Thanks, Rx.
James M. - avatar James M.

Came home from a 7mi hike, and was incredibly sore. Took two of these before bed, and woke up feeling great! Thanks!
Sarah S. - avatar Sarah S.

My wife is a migraine sufferer. She only get's them about once every three months, but when they come they are nasty. RX Remedies Migraine Relief roll on product helped ease her migraine and lessen the tension issues in her temple that come with them.

She was able to recover in half the time and go on and lead a productive evening. The other nice thing we noticed is that the migraine did not return as bad the next day like it normally does. She re-applied the product, laid down and was back up again and productive just an hour later. Thanks so much!
John Rainey - avatar John Rainey