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I have been having the hardest time sleeping these past few weeks, and the sublingual drops/indica have been a HUGE help. I can really feel a difference between the sativa and indica - you all are doing some amazing work!
Kara - avatar Kara

This stuff smells amazing and feels so good on my skin. Great product!
Louise - avatar Louise

Really helps my eczema - thanks!
Michael - avatar Michael

I buy canisters of this stuff for my great aunt every month because it's the only thing that helps her arthritis. Honestly, she hasn't felt this good in years - thank you so much for these fantastic products!
Molly - avatar Molly

I've been in two car accidents, resulting in steel rods in my back and neck. I can't take the heat of most topicals, since I have to apply so much to my neck and back. I absolutely love the cooling effect of this topical, and it really does make a difference in my ability to move about. Great product!
Tammy - avatar Tammy

The arthritis in my hands has been excruciating for years. Since I've been applying this to my hands in the morning and evening, I've had greater mobility and less pain. I've tried everything and nothing has worked as well as this topical. It also helps my husbands knees - thank you so much!
Marie and Walt - avatar Marie and Walt

I apply this to my knees before and after my work-out, and it really does help them from getting achy and sore. Awesome product!
Daniel - avatar Daniel

"Yes" to these tablets!
Stephanie - avatar Stephanie

Love the Calm tablets, helps me fall asleep and stay asleep!
Jon G. - avatar Jon G.

I used to take four Advil, three times per day for the first two days of my cycle. When using these drops, I'm only needed two in the morning and two before bed. Going from 12 to 4 Advil is an enormous difference - thank you for these!
Katherine - avatar Katherine

Menstrual Relief drops - awesome! Thanks for thinking of us ladies.
Abby - avatar Abby

This Menstrual Relief Roller is no joke. I use it on my temples and abdomen every month, and it really does help!
Jen - avatar Jen

Thank you for these Power tablets! I feel relaxed, but energized, and have been able to decrease my daily coffee intake.
Sarah - avatar Sarah

The Calm tablets are amazing. Seriously, I sleep like the dead - thanks!
Josh - avatar Josh

Thank you for your review! We're so happy to hear our products are working for you.
Meredith Priddy - avatar Meredith Priddy